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Brazilian and Portuguese music from the XX Century for flute and piano

Beth Ernest Dias and Francisca Aquino



        You can meet the Duo’s latest work here ! !

            Beth Ernest Dias and Francisca Aquino formed their Flute and Piano Duo in 1990, and since then have developed intensive research and spread of Brazilian Contemporary Music, blending popular and classical with the same skill.
                Their first CD,
"A Inúbia do Cabocolinho", contains original works of the most expressive Brazilian and Portuguese composers of the twentieth century.

          Beth Ernest Dias     is a native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She graduated from the University of Brasilia where she studied with her mother, French flutist, Odette Ernest Dias. She has been a member of the National Theatre Symphony of Brasilia for the past 20 years and she is on the faculty of the Escola de Musica de Brasilia since 1985. She has dedicated herself to the study and research of popular and chamber music. She performs with different ensembles and has performed in several cities in Brazil, and also in France, Spain, Germany and Switzerland. In 1994, she was at Berklee College of Music in Boston as a Fulbright Scholar on a short term grant sponsored by Laspau and the Fulbright Commission. 

                Francisca Aquino  (Click to read about her)


                   "... Compact-disc with Brazilian and Portuguese music results admirable. ... The two musicians are excellent virtuoses and they play with a fine sense of chamber music...

                   "A Inúbia do Cabocolinho" ... is a CD that honors the national discography."

                                                    Carlos Dantas – Tribuna da Imprensa – Rio de Janeiro – February 16, 2000.

                   "... Brilliant interpretation, so clair and virtuosistic, so lively and well-done.  A great artistic pleasure".

                                                    Helena Sá e Costa – Portuguese pianist

                    "... Wonderful CD "A Inúbia do Cabocolinho"... really very nice."

                                                   Celso Woltzenlogel – Brazilian flutist – Professor at Federal University of  Rio de Janeiro – President of the Brazilian Flute Association


                              Technical Record

Recording: april/may 1999 – Alberto Nepomuceno’s Room of the "National Theater Claudio Santoro" and   Zen Studio – Brasilia

Mixing: Andy Costa, Fatima Gouvea and Beth Ernest Dias

Mastering: Andy Costa

Musical Direction: Fatima Gouvea

        Direction assistant: Luiza Volpini              Production: Sergio "Lora" Carvalho

        Ilustrations: Candida Cruz                           Photos: Duda Bentes

        Art direction: Raphael Mendes                  Sponsor: NT Systems



(The numbers refer to tracks)

Sonatina em Ré Maior (Radamés Gnatalli)
1 - Allegro Moderato    Real Audio sample
2 - Expressivo
3 - Lembrando Pixinguinha

4 - A Inúbia do Cabocolinho (César Guerra-Peixe)  Real Audio sample

5 - Noturno (Ary Ferreira)   Real Audio sample

Sonatina (Camargo Guarnieri)
6 - Allegro
7 - Melancólico
8 - Saltitante 

9 -
Na Gruta do Castelo ou no Catetinho (Claudio Santoro) Flauta Solo

Três Canções de Amor (Claudio Santoro)
10 - Acalanto da Rosa  Real Audio sample
11 - Ouve o Silêncio
12 - Em Algum Lugar

Dois Movimentos Para Flauta Solo (Fernando Lopes-Graça)
13 - Livre   Real Audio sample
14 - Rigoroso

Sonatina (Luiz Costa)
15 - Allegro Moderato
16 - Scherzino
17 - Vivo

Sonata prá Flautim e Piano (Osvaldo Lacerda)
18 - Esperto
19 - Lento, mas não muito
20 - Vivo

21 - Óis D'água (Amílcar Vasques Dias)

22- Sonata Breve (Ian Guest)    Real Audio sample

23 - Sete Palavras e um Punhal (Aylton Escobar)