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Brazilian Pop's - "For the first time, or so it appears, a selection of pieces taken from Brazilian popular music is given expression in a String Quartet". Includes rich cover text by the musicologist Vicente Salles

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The Brasilia String Quartet - Ludmila Vinecka (first violin), Claudio Cohen (second violin), Glesse Collet (viola) and A. Guerra Vicente (cello). Guest musicians - Ricardo Vasconcellos (double bass) and Francisca Aquino(piano) Arrangements - Ricardo Vasconcellos Piano Parts - Francisca Aquino Harmony for Travessia - Renato Vasconcellos

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          Repertoire: Tom Jobim, Sivuca, Chico Buarque, Ary Barroso, Lupicínio Rodrigues, Mílton Mascimento, Pixinguinha,
                            Joăo de Barro, Luiz Gonzaga Júnior, Garoto and others            


Brasileirinho for String QuartetBrasileirinho (Valdir Azevedo)


Valdir Azevedo(1923-1980)  was an intrumentalist from his
early years. It was only in 1945 he had the opportunity to  joining
a professional group. He played the "cavaquinho" in the group and two
years later assumed leadership. During  this time he wrote
the first choro "Brasileirinho", the opening of which is practically
all fingered on the one  string. In this rendition, the violin
represents the mandolim,  as the tuning is the same, in an attempt
to reproduce the "levada" which is a characteristic of this instrument.



Brasileirinho for String Quartet as recorded by The Brasilia String Quartet

Feira de Mangaio for String QuartetFeira de Mangaio (Sivuca & G.Gadelha)


It is the legitimate representative of our "xaxado" at its purest, and one
is at once drawn to the accordion of "Sivuca" in countertime. The sonority of
the chord formed by the strings produces the same consistency as that of the
accordion, but it is hard to reproduce on the strings the  facility with which
this intrument produces syncopations and contratempos.
It calls for a remarkable amount of skill and expertise on the part
of the Quartet with full control of the bowing regarding the
double notes. The violoncelo imitates a "zabumba" by tapping
on the sounding-board of the instrument.



Mangaio's Fair for String Quartet   as recorded by The Brasilia String Quartet







 Travessia for String Quintet and Piano


    Travesssia (Milton Nascimento)



The arrangement amply exploits the piano and the double
bass  and frees the other strings for melodic and contrapuntal use.
One's attention is drawn to the long and virtuoso solo for piano
written  by Ricardo in improvisatory style over "chorus".



Travessia for String Quintet and Piano  as recorded by The Brasilia String Quartet,
Francisca Aquino and Ricardo Vasconcello