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Caipira (The Hick)

          An early composition by Ricardo Vasconcellos, Caipira is a fun piece for Flute Quartet. Melodically easy for all the players (One Piccolo, two C flutes and one G Flute) the piece is built on a 7/8 time signature, what brings on a more interesting rhythm pattern. A regular 4/4 syncopated rhythm contrasts with the 7/8.

            The score for Caipira was published in the magazin "Pattapio"(from the Brazilian Flutists Association) in November, 1999. You can read a comment about it, by Celso Woltzenlogel, in the page "Reviews".

score for caipira

         Caipira (midi/wave file) for Flute Quartet  Caipira for Flute
        Quartet (midi/wma file)