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The Latest Score
Hans Sturm, Editor

                         A Taste of Brazil  (by Francisca Aquino and Ricardo Vasconcellos)

  "...... After just returning from a weeklong tour of Brazil only days before receiving his package, I was very excited to see "A Taste of Brazil" for double bass and piano by Francisca Aquino and Ricardo Vasconcellos in the package of review materials. Ms. Aquino is a pianist who teaches at the Music School of Brasilia and has made extensive arrangements of Brazilian popular music for small chamber groups and orchestras. Mr. Vasconcellos is the principal bassist of the National Theater Symphonic Orchestra and also teaches at the Music School of Brasilia. The two presented a recital program entitled "Brazilian Popular Songs for Bass and Piano" at the 1999 ISB Convention and "A Taste of Brazil" was a highlight of that concert.
The piece is based on the rhythm of the baiao, a highly syncopated dance from the northeastern region that usually features a minor/modal melodic line. Baiao groups generally feature a vocalist, an accordion, a large triangle, and a zabumba (large horizontal bass drum played with a single stick). "A Taste of Brazil" transported me right back to a slingbacked chair being serenaded at the beachfront cafes while drinking cachaca and lime!
The work is not long (barely three minutes), and opens with the highly syncopated baiao rhythm. The left hand of the piano mimics the zabumba, while the right hand and the bass (in double-stops) play the rhythmic part of the accompanying accordion. The bass introduces a graceful vocal melody that is then transposed, re-harmonized and transformed again in a slower more lyrical and elegant tempo. The work ends as it began, in high spirits with the syncopated baiao rhythm. The score comes with two piano parts, for solo or orchestral tuning. The parts are beautifully edited, with clear dynamic, articulation, and tempo indications that will greatly help in realizing this wonderful music. Let's hope that the composers live up to their promise of publishing many more works from the rich rhythmic Brazilian musical traditions. This piece is a wonderful gem that is most deserving of your attention. ...."

 BASS WORLD - The Journal of the International Society of Bassists
Volume XXIII, Number 3, Dallas, 2000.

Comments about our performance at the 99' ISB Convention

"Absolutely a charming recital, full of grand melodies, intricate Brazilian rhythms and virtuosic flair. You will want to hear this over again many times. I was enraptured by Francisca’s brilliant piano playing, she was a one-person orchestra at times. Ricardo’s playing truly reflects his delightful personality and rich cultural heritage. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents with all of us at the ISB!"
David Neubert (Past-President of the International Society of Bassists, Professor of Bass at the University of Texas at Austin, Principal Bass of the Austin Symphony and Lyric Opera)

"Those of us who heard this duo play were very impressed and this work is their first piece available in the U.S.... I’m very happy to be involved with them now in publishing their new original work A Taste of Brazil. I hope to help them bring many new works to an international audience."
Norman Ludwin (Bassist, Composer and Publisher)

"Ricardo’s presentation Brazilian Popular Songs for Bass and Piano was well thought-out, beautifully rehearsed and presented with great spirit and personality."
Diana Gannett (Bassist, President of the International Society of Bassists, Professor of Bass at Iowa University)

"... Ricardo’s performance was one of the best and most exciting of the convention... I’ve been telling everyone how fantastic your concert at the ISB was!"
Frank Proto (Bassist, Composer and Publisher)

Comments about our pieces

"...I would like to meet you personally, for I have already known and published your amazing 'personal card' (Caipira)
I eagerly wait to know your new pieces..."
"... Thanks for the opportunity to know "A Taste of Brazil". I loved it , and I will include it in my repertoire!"

Celso Woltzenlogel  (Flutist, Professor at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and President of the Brazilian Flute Association)